IOS Development Engineer

  • Metro Manila
  • Full time
  • 2 months ago
  • Peso 20K-40K / Monthly

Job Information

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    Category Development Engineer
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    Shift On Shift
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    Posted On Nov 28 ,2019
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    No. of Openings 20 openings
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    Job Level : Development Engineer
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    Job Experience : 3-5 year

Job Description

Description of Job:

1.Client development direction:

  1. Participate in needs review and evaluate working hours;
  2. Write development documents and complete development work;
  3. Optimize the project;
  4. Package and release the enterprise version of the APP;
  5. Make the project into sdk. Provide for external personnel to call.

2.Online direction of vest bag: (Unlimited type, no keywords and title required)

  1. Development of vests;
  2. Review of submission of vests;
  3. ASO optimization of vest package; writing of SDK related to vest package.
  4. Reverse engineering direction: (this job can be full-time part-time, technical partners can be, salary is not specified)
  5. Research on Apple ID full registration scheme; (Mature scheme can be acquired, 20W / RMB +)
  6. Long-term solution research pushed by iMessage; (mature solution can be acquired, 20W / RMB +)
  7. ASO, research and development of integral wall scheme. (A mature solution can be acquired, 20W / RMB +)


1.Client development direction:

Bachelor degree or above, 3 years of iOS development experience;

Have object-c and swift development project experience. Complete at least one project;

2.Vest bag on-line direction:

  1. Can go online or have a mature online program;
  2. There are channels to purchase vests; (market price 3000-5000RMB / pc, this can be discussed for cooperation / part-time)
  3. Can develop normal applications;

Company size: 3,000 or more

Work experience: more than 3 years

Educational requirements: Bachelor degree and above

Job Category: IOS Development

Work Location: Central Business District, Manila

Position monthly salary: 3-5 years (20K-30K) 5 years or more 30K +

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