Web front-end engineer / H5 engineer

  • Metro Manila
  • Full time
  • 2 months ago
  • Peso 25K-40K / Monthly

Job Information

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    Category Engineering
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    Shift On Shift
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    Posted On Nov 28 ,2019
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    No. of Openings 10 openings
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    Job Experience : 3-5 year

Job Description

Job Description:

  1. Participate in the design, construction and improvement of front-end architecture solutions to achieve high-quality and efficient data visualization requirements;
  2. Perform high-quality code development and maintenance; design and development of public components; be responsible for development and maintenance Software defect location and modification, and achieve agile iterative development;
  1. Proactively explore new technologies, improve digital display design and achieve results, and continuously improve product performance, and work hard.
  1. Fully and effectively communicate and collaborate with team members for technical risk assessment, project time assessment and project management

Job requirements:

1.College degree or above, graduated in computer or related major, 5 years or above in front-end development experience;

2. Proficient in JavaScript (es5 / es6 standards), Html5 / CSS3, have certain framework design capabilities;

3.Familiar with jQuery, Vue.js; in-depth knowledge of the DOM. Familiar with zepto, bootstrap, react, less / sass, gulp / webpack / grunt, iview / element / vux, etc .;

  1. Familiar with javascriptwebapi, familiar with open source GIS frameworks, such as openlayers, leaflet, have a certain understanding of webgl;
  1. Familiar with svg chart library such as d3 / Raphael / threejs is preferred; familiar with svg, canvas, used d3 Development of data visualization projects is preferred, development projects using vue2 are preferred;
  1. Ability to quickly resolve compatibility issues with mainstream browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc .;
  2. Have a certain understanding of user experience, interactive operation process, and user needs; focus on user experience and constantly restructure

Company size: 3,000 or more

Work experience: more than 5 years

Educational requirements: college and above

Job Category: Senior Senior Front-end Engineer

Work location: Manila Commercial Center

Position monthly salary: 20-35K / month

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