Internship is a program wherein college students are being trained to become an effective professionals in the future. It is a training designed to transform theories, information and ideas into action. Involving students in the real world of business industry, handling responsibilities that could help them learn and facing situations in the office or in the field that would help them grow. Whatever program you are pursuing, I am sure that if you are a graduating college students you can relate to what I am saying.

Organizations are seeking interns whom they can train and can also impart knowledge and skills to their company. They want trainees who are “go getter”, motivated and having a strong work ethics. Intelligence, abilities, competencies and skills can be a manifestation of who you are as a person. But character is more essential for you to be considered as dependable worker someday.

Ms. Loretto stated in her article that, “Many Human Resource Departments report that they seek many of their full-time employees from interns exhibiting these skills who have previously interned with their organizations.”  Following these steps will increase the probability that your internship will turn into a full-time job offer.

  • Set Personal Goals and Keep Yourself Busy. We need to set goals in life because it is a fuel that sets us in motion. The same goes for internship, you have to set goals as your motivation to perform well. List down all the responsibilities that is assigned to you each day. Keep yourself busy as possible. Engage in offering assistance and ask your immediate supervisor to give you tasks. Focus on the tasks entrusted to you. Do this not to impress your boss or supervisor but do it because you are committed and dedicated to your goals as intern.
  • Show Your Commitment. This is an important aspect that you should master: being committed. Your commitment will help you a lot to stay in the company no matter how challenging it could be. It is also one of the secret of becoming a successful person. Remember that internship is the actual training for your future job. Your perseverance and loyalty will be tested. Thus, train yourself to be committed.
  • Treat It Like A Job. Own it as your present job. Avoid being complacent because you just see yourself as an intern. Do not missed out this opportunity for you to grow, improve and show what your worth. Be dedicated and committed in your work. Remember that this is a preparation before sending you out to a harder battle in pursuing your career. Seize every moment and learn to love your profession.
  • Be enthusiastic. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, he quoted that enthusiasm is the mother of effort and without it nothing great was ever achieved.
    Be enthusiastic in every activity you are doing because what matters most is the joy you have while working. Productivity and effectiveness are the goals that needed to be meet. The organization and even yourself will benefit if you have this enthusiasm in your body.
  • Develop Professional Relationship. I understand that our superiors are really intimidating. It would take a lot of courage to create a good conversion with them. But professional relationships are key to starting a successful career. Build network that can help you advance in your field or expertise.
  • Find A Mentor. Let us accept the fact that fresh graduates are really inexperience in industries and still thirsty for more knowledge. Except for those who studied and worked at the same time to survive college. That’s why it is important to find a mentor. We must admit that there is someone out there who is more knowledgeable, expert and skilled in the field we chose especially if it is our first job. Having a mentor can create a big impact in our growth as an individual. Our confidence will foster because uncertainty in our task will be plain. It is an opportunity to build a good relationship with someone who can help us succeed having a vision to help someone also someday who is in need.
  • Ask For Feedback and Reflect on Your Experience. This will serve as your preference or list of achievements, to determine areas that need to improve, having a knowledge of your own strength and weaknesses. Assess or evaluate yourself.

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