What College Life Feels Like

Did you ever ride a roller coaster where you don’t know what to feel anymore. It was exhilarating ride where you don’t know if you will just shout or enjoy every inch of it.

Definition of college

col·​lege | \ ˈkä-lij  \

1: a body of clergy living together and supported by a foundation
2: a building used for an educational or religious purpose
3: a self-governing constituent body of a university offering living quarters and sometimes instruction but not granting degrees (Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary, 1828)

College. How can we explain college? It’s so easy for us to search it on google and learn the meaning of it but to be able to experience college it’s one whole another story, but how college life really feels like?

Entering college is one of the greatest blessing you’ll ever receive in your life. A lot of people struggle to enter college because they are not financially stable, college requires a lot of money it also requires a lot of patience and motivation. When you enter college it takes toll to your mental health believe it or not college is so stressful, you ditch one class to review for another class, even though you study hard it is still not enough. College gives you a lot of failures but that failures gives you a lot of motivation to stand up and fight for your dreams.

This Is What College Is All About
One word that we can associate to college is friends. You’ll meet a lot of great people in your college life, you’ll meet them in your class when you don’t fully understand what the professor said you’ll laugh together and the next thing you knew, you both hangout to the same coffee shop, you’ll meet them in a random day where you just bump into each other and became friends instantly, you’ll meet them in the corridor where you cram all your quizzes and they lend their review papers. You’ll meet a lot of unexpected people that will give you unexpected moments that you will treasure in your entire life.

You will know yourself more, In college you’ll understand yourself more, the things that your heart really desire. You’ll face obstacles that will shape who you really are, you’ll face problems that you need to solve on your own, you will learn to be strong for yourself because you will realize that you need to face all those things alone. As a result of that you’ll know yourself more, you’ll learn your weakness, you’ll learn your strengths, you will learn to stand up on your own.

You will learn to live independently. There are times when you just miss home but you can’t go home, you miss the homemade cooking, the delicious treats, the movie night with your family even the small fights with your siblings you’ll miss everything, but as you ages you will learn to live on your own because you’re an adult now, you are no longer a kid. You’ll learn that you can cry thru phone call with your mom but she can’t help you anymore she can just assure you that everything’s gonna be alright but it is you that will decide what will happen next, she can give you moral support on everything and love, trust me you’ll need that when you feel like life is turning back on you.

Trust God. You may be emotionally stable or physically stable, but if you are spiritually unstable it will just lead you to more devastating moment, pray and reflect. In college you’ll face a lot of temptations, but the important thing is you know how to dodge all those temptations. Trust God, especially when you are feeling down and helpless.

Be Confident. It’s simple if you don’t trust yourself, who will trust you? You need to be confident mentally and physically.

Always groom yourself. In college you’ll meet a lot of people that’s why it’s very important to shower everyday just be the better version of yourself, read books so you can feed your mind. Be always mindful and be street smart.

Be always kind. In college you’ll meet a lot of people that has different problems and struggle in life, always choose to be kind and humble, you’ll never know what he/she is struggling as of the moment. Understand. It’s always like that not just in your college life but also in life. You need to always understand everything,

Have Fun. When you just finished a hell week of course you need to have fun. If your ways to have fun is to party go on, but if for you having fun is just netflix and chilling alone then go. We all have different pleasure, if for them being with many strangers partying is fun then don’t judge them, if for you is just reading books, or eating then it’s still okay. We just have different taste.

In college you’ll experience a lot of things that will shape you for your future, college will help you a lot to go out of your comfort zone. You’ll meet a lot of people that will help you to show what you really are, you’ll learn a lot of things. College is both a blessing and a obstacle but I can’t stress this enough college is the best time of your life because it will lead you to have a bigger opportunities later in life, and you don’t know maybe in college you’ll meet the love of your life someday. I told you it’s like a roller coaster ride, but the best roller coaster you will ever ride. Enjoy when you still have the time.

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